What should i do about the sats?

What should i do about the sats?
how many points do you lose if you get a question wrong on the sat and how many points do you get if you answer a question how should i study for the SAT math writing reading no sat book.
what kind of math will i need to know- algebra 1/2 and geometry
Writing- persuasive letter story
reading- just essays + questions

You lose a quarter point for every question you answer incorrectly on the SAT, you lose no points if you do not answer, and you gain on point for every question you answer correctly.

For the math section you will need to know geometry (that includes some trigonometry), algebra one and two (keep in mind, depending on what school you go to, there might be questions on the SAT that look like they’re pre-calc but might be taught in algebra 2 in other schools).

For the writing you will be asked to write an essay responding to a prompt they give you, and you could answer it in the form of a persuasive letter story but you don’t have to.

The reading consists of passages that you must read and then answer questions on it. The SAT will also have section where sentences are given and you need to find grammatical errors. There will also be questions where you need to decide which word would fit best in any given sentence.

If you want help studying for the SAT without the use of SAT prep books you should go to collegeboard and sign up for the daily question of the day. They will basically send you a SAT question everyday with the correct answer and an explanation as to why the answer is correct and the others are not.

Hope this Helps and Good Luck!