What should i expect on my first day of college classes?

What should i expect on my first day of college classes?
As far as classwork, whats generally talked about, what happens.

The instructor will probably give you an introduction to the course, show you the textbook(s), and hand out a syllabus. Read it! It will spell out just what will be expected of you in that class. The oral introduction will probably cover the work of the course and give some background to the material, especially the first reading assignment–which you’re likely to be expected to complete for the next class. If the class is a skills class, like composition or math, you may find yourself taking a pretest or writing a diagnostic essay to let the instructor know where you stand in relation to the subject matter of the course. Just remember that anything you write the first day will not be part of your grade in the course! The instructor may also explain certain college or departmental policies to the class, such as those on attendance or plagiarism. There’s a good chance that you’ll be there the whole period even the firsr day.

Then what? if you don’t have a class the next period, you’re free to do whatever you want–got to the library or the student union or your dorm room or the bookstore.

Welcome to higher education, and good luck!