What should I put down in my college essay… I have bad grades :(?

What should I put down in my college essay… I have bad grades :(?
I have a bad average of 74… I did absolutely horrible in my freshman year but I ended up doing a lot better in my sophomore and junior year.

What should I write for my college essay.. it asked about my academics.. should I put down how I did to improve?

PLEASE HELP! THANK YOU! +10 for best answer!

Even if you don’t have the best GPA, colleges do love to see improvement. I, as well blew off my freshman year and got an 80 GPA. Now as a senior I have boosted it to a 94 GPA. For the essay, just put how high school proved to be more challanging than you expected but you were able to become accustomed to it, leading you to higher grades. If there were any personal problems you faced that could have effected school work, put it down. They like to see specifics. Remember, while colleges strongly look at grades, it’s not the only thing they look at. It’s never too late to join student council or volunteer somewhere. ACT and SAT scores are important, too. But back to the essay, like I said just sum up how it was a struggle for you but as you became more interested in college you became more devoted to school work!