What should I write about?

What should I write about?
It’s summer vacation and I am starting 9th grade in the fall. I want to write an essay of some sort to give to my English teacher in the fall. I don’t know what it should be about though. I want it to be amazing though. It defenitely should stand out though and not be boring. Thanks in advance. 🙂

Perhaps you could write your own experience or a short story. What I usually do is write down genres, characters and themes on small pieces of paper and randomly pick them out and write about them. Or you could just pick up a book or an article and rewrite or improvise it in your own way.
If you want to impress you teacher, you could write an experience you’ve had with her/him, but in a third person view and reveal in the end that it’s you and your teacher. Of course, you have to say you’ve learnt something from the experience though. Maybe you could write another moral story and say that’s what you have gained from your teacher.

Hope I helped and good luck! 🙂