What should I write about in my college essay?

What should I write about in my college essay?
So I’m in the middle of applying for colleges, and my first choice is Western CT State University. I’ve read through the application and I just need to write an essay. The application simply asked for an “optional personal essay” and was not very specific. What exactly should I write about? I’ve done some research and read some real college essays but I still don’t really know what to put in my essay. Thanks in advance.

You must write about a passion you love so much that you breathe it everyday i.e. an invention, cure for cancer, world peace, feeding the poor, reading , math etc. anything that will improve the world. Start off by giving a very brief background about you, make sure it relates to your passion and career path. Write about how college education will help you to pursue that passion. Write about your educational experiences, charity work, classes anything that contributed to your passion and future career. Write about the people or experiences that influenced you to continue that passion and your particular career path. Write why you chose Western CT State college to help you with your passion and future. Write what you will do to help others with the education and skills your will obtain. You should write as though the reader is walking besides you as you walk through the path of your future. Make the reader enjoy the path you have taken so far and want to be a participant in helping you complete your career goal. Now find something you are passionate about. Good luck