What should i write my college essay about?

What should i write my college essay about?
im pretty much an average kid- i play football and do track, get average grades, live in a small suberban town, have nothing wrong with my family life, and have plenty of friends.

i have no idea what to write my college essay about, any ideas?

The college regards your choice of what you choose to write about as a way to evaluate your preferences, values, mental processes, creativity, sense of humor, and depth of knowledge. Your writing reflects your power of persuasion, organizational abilities, style, and mastery of standard written English. Some of the best essays—the memorable and unusual ones—are about very similar, just more focused, topics. Essays about your family, football team, trip to France, or twin can be effective as long as they’re focused and specific: a single Christmas Eve church service, a meal of boiled tongue in Grenoble, or dipping ice cream on a summer job. This is about you showing the administration folks what you are all about. You might want to weave something in there as to why you only have average grades.