What should I write my college essays about?

What should I write my college essays about?
There seems to be nothing stand out in my life that I could right about in an essay. I plan to apply to the top schools so my essays will clearly be under much scrutiny, and I have no idea where to begin? Suggestions to this predicament?

Write a problem, solution essay.

Identify the problem, then come up with 3 possible solutions. Include how you could put it into effect and the advantages and disadvantages of each. In the conclusion, choose one of the solutions that seems to be the most reasonable and why. Then explain how you will carry it out. This shows critical thinking skills, analyzing, synthesizing as well as, your writing skills.

Use voice in your essay. What I mean by that is to use punctuation to emphasize tone. It’s sort of like talking to someone and not just… say…a robot! I’d be happy to edit it for you!

I would not choose the topic of choosing the correct school, which is too obvious and expected. Make it as personal as you can so that it will come out–smooth.

Just start writing about anything. Rattle it off whatever comes to your mind. Eventually, something will come out of it. We called it, Bullet Writing. For a few minutes, just write.