What should I write my essay about?

What should I write my essay about?
Okay, I am in 6th grade and am going to middle school next year. I am being put in the advanced English class next year, but first I need to write a 5 paragraph essay explaining why I want to be in that class.

What should I write about?

reason #1
reason #2
reason #3

Don’t focus your whole essay on one reason… it will seem more mature to bring in multiple well supported reason. Example:

Intro (explaining that you are interested in being in the class and highlight your main points)

Reason 1) Want to get a head start on preparing for future English classes & college

Reason 2) You enjoy writing and want to expand you’re abilities

Reason 3) You feel that turning down an opportunity in life is wastefull

Conclusion (restaing main points and again, why you would enjoy the class and why you should be selected)