What should I write on my essay on why should we pick you to go to fidm?

What should I write on my essay on why should we pick you to go to fidm?
I have to write an essay on why they should choose me to go to this colledge called FIDM .. And i dont know what to write but i really want to go any ideas its a fashion institure college i really really want to go but only certain amount of people can go


This essay brings up a lot of memories about when I applied to FIDM a year ago! I can’t say exactly what you should say, but I looked at this question as a time when I could be honest about my passions for the major I wanted to go into and my hopes for the future. I felt that by encompassing how I felt about the school and why I felt that FIDM could be the answer towards me accomplishing my dreams, that I was truly showing why FIDM should pick me to be a part of its incoming class. Overall, the positive way that I felt about the school after talking to one of their advisors made me feel comfortable to answer this question by just being myself, which is what I would suggest you do! If you have a passion to reach for your goal than there is a way for you to show that FIDM can help you get there! The person’s who review the applications do notice the honesty and integrity of a student that is willing to go that extra mile by utilizing the education a school offers.An essay that reflects that and more is how I feel any school not just FIDM puts the essay on the top of an acceptance pile!
Good luck!

Hope this helps! 🙂