What should my college application essay be about?

What should my college application essay be about?

Try to make it as personal as you possibly can without 1) creeping anyone out and 2) turning the essay into a sob story. Pity won’t get you into college, trust me.

It should reveal things about your personality that the rest of your application doesn’t already spell out. Maybe you have a *very* interesting hobby that you couldn’t list under extra-curricular activities, or you went through a decently unique or moving experience?

It doesn’t have to be incredibly unique; your essay will be original if you write about something you’re pretty sure no one else does/has gone through, but you can write an original essay about something incredibly common like Thanksgiving or soccer, if you make the essay your own: which is kind of step 3) Don’t make your essay cliche.

Above all, your essay has to show something about your character. It has to tell the reader what you’re like as a person: what are your likes, dislikes, values, believes, inclinations, and/or outlook on life?

Which takes me back to what I said about creeping the reader out or writing a sob story. Those essays say a lot, but not necessarily about your personality. So don’t write some incredible story about an event or family member(s), and forget to talk about yourself. If you DO choose that type of essay, end it with what you learned from the experience, you’ll look reflective.

Hope that helped.