What should my “How To” essay be about?

What should my “How To” essay be about?
It needs to be directed more towards an adult audience to be considered professional and so nothing easy like “How to make a peanut butter sandwich”. Thank you! 🙂

It`s always good to do it on something you know A LOT about. But if you need some suggestions well here:
-Start a band
-Make a piñata
-Make an omelet
-Milk a cow
-Start beekeeping
-Read palms
-Make a quilt
Wash a car
Decorate a bedroom
Make a podcast
Burn a CD
Start a recycling program
Collect stamps
Clean a bedroom
Make a pizza
Make a volcano
Organize your homework
Play a guitar
Make a sock puppet
Make a doll dress
Write a letter to the editor
Write a complaint
Plan a party
Plant a tree
Create a cartoon character
Improve your spelling
Bake a layer cake
Change a tire
Drive a stick shift
Make a Christmas stocking
Learn to dance
Play chess
Do a magic trick
Go bird watching
Make a music video
Make a candle
Make soap
Paint a picture
Create art with crayons
Create a web page
Stay safe on the Internet
Write a song
Write a poem
Make a handbag
Tie a scarf
Mow the lawn
Make a hamburger
Make pancakes
Make a pillow
Play football
Make a sculpture
Make a lamp
Make shadow puppets
Make a box
Care for pets
Build a tree house
Play tag
Play hide and seek
Paint fingernails
Make homemade slippers
Tie macramé knots
Make a sandwich
Make chocolate milk
Make hot chocolate
Make a pot of coffee
Make a milkshake
Braid hair
Sell old toys
Eat crab legs
Become a vegetarian
Make a salad
Design a jack-o-lantern
Ride a horse
Race turtles
Catch lightening bugs
Make a wildflower bouquet
Cut paper dolls
Eat an ice cream cone
Change a diaper
Make fruit punch
Make a campaign poster
Frame art
Make a fake tattoo
Interview a celebrity
Catch a fish
Make a snowman
Make an igloo
Make a fan
Write a newsletter
Crack an egg
Make a necklace
Tie a necktie
Ride the subway
Walk like a model
Ride a motorcycle
Pitch a tent
Find something you’ve lost
Curl your hair
Saddle a horse
Make a sandcastle
Bob for apples
Go hiking
Apply for a job
Draw stick figures
Open a bank account
Learn a new language
Ask for a later curfew
Behave at a fancy dinner
Ask somebody out
Pose for a picture
Wake up in a good mood
Send Morse code messages
Make a kite
Hem your jeans
Pitch a fastball
Be a ghost hunter
Make string art
Fly alone
Mop a floor
Peel an apple
String popcorn
Remix a song
Walk a tightrope
Stand on your head
Find the Big Dipper
Wrap a gift
Roast a marshmallow
Clean a window
Make a campfire
Have a yard sale
Create a carnival in your yard
Make balloon animals
Plan a surprise party
Wear eye makeup
Invent a secret code
Recognize animal tracks
Train a dog to shake hands
Make a paper airplane
Swat flies
Pull a tooth
Create playlists
Play rock, paper, scissors
Hula dance
Floss your teeth