What to expect my junior year?

What to expect my junior year?
I am not the least bit nervous for my junior year I am actually quite excited I just want to know what the course load is going to be like since I know junior year is your hardest year my schedule is like this:

pre-calculus honors
english 3 honors
spanish 4 AP
sat prep honors
psychology AP
U.S. history honors

I also am involved in an extracurricular activity that takes up alot of my time. Thank you in advance for the tips and please no stupid answers.

Pre-Calc Honors: I took Calc BC junior year but based on how I took Calc/Math An. I think it’s basically the same thing (but we took the AP exam as an actual calc class). I’m not going to lie, the class itself is very challenging but you can do it. As long as you paid adequate attention in trig, it should be ok. Just a forewarning, the material that you learn witll be completely different from any previous studies you have conducted, especially when you get into Calc. But, if you do your homework, you should be fine. It’s different for everyone, but expect the homework to take anywhere for 20minutes to 2 hours when the subject gets really challeging (and that’s for like 20 questions!)

English 3H: I’m not sure about you, but English 3H I thought was pretty easy, mostly because of my teacher. English Junior year is mostly about American Literature so alot of it will corespond with what you learn in history so that will help you a lot. The literature that you read aren’t really that difficult, well excluding the Scarlet Letter if you guys are going to read it. My school makes you do summer work during the summer. If you’re willing to, I really suggest you pick up the book, “how to read literature like a professor” by Foster. It’s a great tool and useful in essays and analyzing what you read in class. The only difficulty I experienced was with poetry but it was only with Emily Dickinson. Average homework: 10 minutes — we never really had any homework because my teacher was quite lazy (she’s screwing me over for AP, I swear)

Spanish 4AP: well, I didn’t take AP, but I took spanish 3H which is technically qualifed as AP (same credits). I had the most difficulty with this class because our 3H class is dedicated to learning the grammar necessary for AP class. The vocabulary load was intense, we were learning about 100 words every 2 weeks or so. The tests were challenging but I felt as if I could have done better. I’m taking AP this year so I have yet to experience the class but if your class is anything like ours, you have a lot of work in front of you! That being said, Spanish class is pretty fun. It might be just my school but we mostly choose to learn grammar and topics through song so we sing a lot. Average homework (based on my friends who took AP spanish as juniors): 15 minutes to 2 hours. The teacher doesn’t really check homework so they just make up random information, the two hours are for projects and studying.

SAT Prep honors; how interesting! We don’t have this at our school but practically every student goes to SAT Prep. Well, I can’t really say anything about it because it’s school based so I have no exprience. My SAT Prep class ( outside of school ) is rather relaxed. You take a practice exam every week and go over the test. Then, you study and study and do the math continuously and read a lot of passages for CR section. You write essays until your sick of them and memorize all the things that the writing section will ask. During the summer, every week we have to memorize 100 words and take a test on it or else we don’t get to go home (which is a big pain in the butt). But, it’s helped a lot, not going to lie. Average homework: an hour, but I just do it on Fridays because it’s not for school.

AP psychology: we’re not allowed to take it as juniors at my school and I didn’t sign up for the class senior year so I can’t give you any information on it, sorry!

US History: I took APUSH and had a blast (since I’m a geek for history). It’s going to be an intense class with a lot of information going through your brain. A lot of the stuff you’ve most likely learned before but it includes a lot more detail. The class is typically quite boring. Usually the homework takes about an hour or so per night because your teacher is most likely going to tell you to outline something or find vocab. I got excused from doing homework because I had an A so I can’t tell you much. But, for the exams, study hard ! I’ve found that the majority of students who study for an hour get a B, 2 hours an A, and anything less than an hour a B- or a C. It’s pretty difficult

I know that an extraccuricular activity takes up a lot of time but it’s necessary. At times it may seem like you’re overwhelmed and if you’re like me, you might want to just lay down on the ground and cry. But, I found that if you keep a schedule (organized), it helps you plan out everything well. A lot of the teachers may give out calendars of homework so you know what you need to do every night. Plan ahead — do your homework early if you know you’re going to be busy. Don’t try to force yourself to be perfect, if the workload is too intense, drop out of a class. Nobody’s going to yell at you and no one’s going to try to stop you. Never force yourself too much or else you’re going to get hurt in the process.