What to write a college descriptive essay?

What to write a college descriptive essay?
The assignment is to describe your favoriate person. I decide to write about my father. HELP I need ideas of how to write a descriptive essay.

descriptive just means youre describing……just write….you must be early on in your college career since youre doing this assignment and youre asking for help……usually teachers are helpful at this time in giving suggestions and offering help to improve your righting. break the essay up into paragraphs, each paragraph should cover a different topic—-since youre writing about your favorite person (dad) you should tell why he is your favorite person….DESCRIBE why he is your favorite person. one paragraph may cover how he makes good choices and you look up to him, another may describe how he is smart, another may describe how he cares about you and your family, one may describe how he gives good advice, another how he is fun to hang out with….etc etc. just pick maybe 3 or 4 separate reasons of why he is your favorite person (depending on how long it is….may need more, may need less), and have each of these reasons make up a paragraph. always provide examples in these types of essays….so, if youre saying that he gives good advice, you can tell about a time that you had a problem and you came to him and he helped you to solve the problem (of course, this example would go into the proper paragraph). put a thesis statement at the end of the introduction that says something along the lines of “my dad is my favorite person because he is _____, _____, and _____. (these reasons that youre giving on why your dad is your fav person—-shown by the blanks above—-should all be topics of your paragraphs—one paragraph topic per reason. make sense? questions?