What to write in a college essay?

What to write in a college essay?
I have to write an essay on how going to the Univ. is going to help achieve my personal/career goals. Now i don’t know how to start writing about it. i really need help with this.

“The admissions officers reading your essay want it to prove to them two things. First, they want it to show that you can write at a college level, which means that you have a command of the English language and can use it to craft a cogent written statement. They’re not interested in your vocabulary skills, though, so give the thesaurus to your mom and have her hide it. You should be able to write your essay without fancy words whose meaning you don’t understand. (And it is so painfully obvious to admissions officers when you don’t; they’re almost embarrassed for you.)

Admissions officers are interested in seeing that you understand sentence and paragraph structure and can pace a narrative. Oh yes, and that you know what a narrative is in the first place. In case you’re a little unsure, a narrative is simply a story. And unless you’re William Faulkner (who didn’t even graduate from college), the story you tell to the admissions officer through your essay needs to be brief, flow logically from one event to the next, and have a convincing conclusion. People usually act consistently (even if they’re consistently inconsistent), and their pattern of actions more times than not leads to consistent outcomes. You’d have to be a darn clever wordsmith, for example, to convince a reader that a chain smoker could enter the New York City Marathon and win it just because he “had a lot of heart.” Your essay should not require the admissions officer to suspend disbelief. So keep it brief and coherent.