what to write in Essay on Who am I?

what to write in Essay on Who am I?
My professor has asked us to write an essay- Answer the question “who am I?” Include a discussion of your persoanlity and gender.
He did not clarify the assignment….
How do I go about discussing the topic?

Thank you.

Well I guess you could start with a rough draft of things that make you who you are. I am a daughter, a sister, a friend, a christian, a wife, an Aunt. I have integrity and honor, I am blunt and will tell you what I think without hesitation. I have a personality that is bold and brutally honest, I tell it like it is. I am upfront about things, I would rather tell you the truth, than spare your feelings. I am that way because of my upbringing. I had a very harsh, violent childhood, well life in general. So that created a sometimes harsh personality. I do not trust anyone, and again that comes from my childhood. Too many people let me down, from family to teachers, to church members, to cops, so my lack of trust is well earned. I like tedious things, gardening, needle work, auditing companies. I have a high tolerence for stress and burden, so I like things that would be stressful to others. I like busting bad people and sending them to jail. That also comes from a lack of justice from my childhood, and life. I have been through a lot in life, and so people cry on my shoulder. I have a spirit of comfort about me. I am a good listener, and because of my life experiences there are not many situations where I cannot say to someone, I have been in your shoes. I am the keeper of many secrets. This attitude of sympathy has made me great at training people, because I remember when I was new on a job. Everything I am, everything I have become is because of some influence in my life. My parents and family for the negative things about me, my co-workers and supervisors who molded me into the person I am, the positive side of me.