What topic should I choose for a profile essay?

What topic should I choose for a profile essay?
I have to write an essay and interview someone or visit a place that contradicts myself.

For example:
* If I am an atheist, I will go to the most religious Church

*If I am not muslim, and I am curious as to why women wear the hijab (head covering) or burka (body covering), and I would interview a woman who wears one of those to see why she wears one.

I don’t know what to write about, and the above topics are already taken. I would appreciate any help! Thanks!

Here are some ideas for different topics:

-Homeless Shelters, Group Homes, Halfway Houses, or Nursing Home
-Hospitals, Treatment Centers, Clinics
-Support Group Meetings, such as groups for single parents, breast cancer survivors, disabled veterans, or survivors of natural disasters

-Recovering Addicts
-Cancer Survivors
-Nursing Home Patients
-Dog Trainers
-Local Politician

I hope this was helpful…Good Luck on your essay.