what topics do i write about for my science essay?

what topics do i write about for my science essay?
I have a science essay due coming up on a project that we just did. Its on what we learned from this egg drop project. We had to make a devise with a bungee cord attached to it with and egg sticking out and drop it from the top of the bleachers at school. Honestly, I don’t really fell that I learned much. I already wrote a few paragraphs about teamwork, being patient, and procrastination. I have been think about this and procrastinating on this essay for a few hours now. I need about 4 more topics. Thanks for your time!

Try to answer the questions of the things you observed while the egg was falling from the drop point at the top of the bleachers. For example, if the contraption did not protect the egg well enough to keep it from getting cracked or anything, then write about how it could've been better insulated or something. In addition, you could also write about the weather outside's effect on the experiment itself.

I say to write about these things because you say that this was a science project, so you should include more about the actual scientific aspects of the experiment rather than just the obvious "we needed to work together as a team" or "we procrastinated too much." Hope this helped.