what types of gm animal is there?

what types of gm animal is there?
i’m doing an essay on gm animals, and i’m not too sure on what to look at. any help and links could be nice =]

A genetically modified organism (GMO) is an organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. These techniques are generally known as recombinant DNA technology. With recombinant DNA technology, DNA molecules from different sources are combined in vitro into one molecule to create a new gene. This DNA is then transferred into an organism and causes the expression of modified or novel traits.

GM Animals: Benefits and Controversies

1.Increased resistance, productivity, hardiness, and feed efficiency
2.Better yields of meat, eggs, and milk
3.Improved animal health and diagnostic methods



1.Potential human health impact: allergens, transfer of antibiotic resistance markers, unknown effects Potential environmental impact: unintended transfer of transgenes through cross-pollination, unknown effects on other organisms (e.g., soil microbes), and loss of flora and fauna

Access and Intellectual Property

1.Domination of world food production by a few companies
2.Increasing dependence on Industralized nations by developing countries
3.Biopiracy—foreign exploitation of natural resources


1.Violation of natural organisms’ intrinsic values
2.Tampering with nature by mixing genes among species
3.Objections to consuming animal genes in plants and vice versa
4.Stress for animal

1.Not mandatory in some countries (e.g., United States)
2.Mixing GM crops with non-GM confounds labeling attempts

New advances may be skewed to interests of rich countries

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