What was Vladimir Lenin’s leadership like?

What was Vladimir Lenin’s leadership like?
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Lenin’s leadership can be divided into two distinct periods: before October 1917 and afterwards.
Before October 1917 he was the leader in exile of a radical, small but dedicated radical and revolutionary political faction. He ruled the party through his writings, sharp notes and memos for top party functionaries, letters and newspaper articles for those further away.

After October 1917 he became the leader of the Russian Empire. He still led the party, and ruled it with the same methods he had used before – but the necessities of rule meant that he often had to act, and act decisively, rather than debate the course of action with reference to Marxist orthodoxy – he was adept at making Marxism fit any course of action he chose.
He also had to be more conciliatory in power – so the Politburo was expanded and, in it, decisions were made democratically. He did, however, distrust the people – he proclaimed the Bolsheviks as the “Vanguard of the Proletariat” and that they had established the “Dictatorship of the Proletariat” in other words, he, and the party knew best, and would rule until the workers could make decisions for themselves.
The key feature of Lenin’s style of leadership is a that it developed in illegal opposition, and so developed as an underground, conspiratorial style – and so it remained throughout his life.