What will I have to do to get into Yale?

What will I have to do to get into Yale?
In two months I will be entering High School (Public) and it has always been a lifelong dream to get into Yale.

What GPA should I aim for? Also, what clubs or activities should I participate in?

First of all, congrats on high school and i think it’s great that you’re just an 8th grader and thinking about this already. 🙂 Props to you.

Freshman Year = try to get all honors classes, join school teams (sports – such as bball , volleyball, tennis, softball, lacrosse, etc or academics – such as math team, robotics team, etc) , join clubs such as RED CROSS ; KEY CLUB ; 4H ; ENVIRONMENTAL or another club regarding what you want to do with your future & try to take art and music to get it over with. I think all public HS require atelast one art&music class to graduate so it’d just be better to get it over with freshman year when you have the i guess LEAST amount of stress. If you’re aiming for YALE, you better be getting atleast over a 95 GPA by Freshman Year.

Summer = study for sophomore year courses , & do volunteering at a local hospital / library or get a job through SYEP (if you live in a city that provides this service)

Sophomore Year = stay in all honors classes & take like 2 or 3 AP’s/IB courses. Get a higher GPA than your freshman year & stay a member of the particular club you joined. MAKE SURE NOT TO SPREAD YOURSELF THIN WITHIN CLUBS, i think colleges would prefer to see you stay faithful to a club and become the officer of it than join 1000s of clubs. 1 or 2 with a good position on it is great vs 5 diff clubs. you get me? Also, stay member of the team if you can. remember that colleges like to see your depth, not breadth.

Summer = JOIN ACT/SAT CLASSES!! you must do this. & study for junior year courses by simply buying barron books; & continue volunteering/get a job again.

Junior year = Take honors classes, take 2 or 3 APs/IB’s. Make sure you’re an officer for a club (president, vice president preffered) , you can join teams & art /music but this year you should mainly focus on your SATs. take SATs or ACTs atleast twice, – you can take it anywehre from october through june – i recommend taking SATS january&may or march&june. 🙂 Do the best in your classes this year, they count a lot!!!!!! Make appointment with your college counselors & guidance counselors and talk everything through. KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO DO WHEN YOU GET INTO YALE! Your GPA should be over 98 by now, 100 sounds hard but is possible if you take honors and AP’s/IB’s.

Summer = study more for SATs/ACTs if you didnt achieve the grade you wanted. for yale, you best get over 2000 on the SATs and 30 on the ACTs. Continue volunteer work & know what colleges you want to apply for other than Yale, know what majors to do in college, what to do with future, etc.

Senior = Stay in honors classes, try to be atleast in the 5% rank of your school . Have loads of fun senior year but still remain focused. Apply to your colleges&write great essays.

Summer = i hope you’ll be packing for Yale 🙂 & remember this comment <3 ** so remember to take honors/APs/IB's - basically challenging courses. ** remember to join a club and stay member of that club & become an officer if possible. ** remember to do your best on SAT & ACT. ** remember to have AT LEAST over a 95 GPA. ** remember to have friendly relationship with your teachers as they need to write you a recommendation ; or even become friendly with college counselors/guidance as they can write you one as well. ** remember to join community service programs and volunteer work (continue it all 3/4 years) ** try to get art/music over with by freshman year. ** remember to HAVE FUN and have a social life while doing this, but always keep education first. I HOPE I HELPED! I HOPE YOU ACHIEVE YOUR DREAM. <3 I hope this helps you get your dream 🙂 I wish I had thought like you when I was an eighth grader. I am not even close to getting into Yale now. :/ but i hope you do!!