What would be a good discrimination category to write my essay on?

What would be a good discrimination category to write my essay on?
My teacher has assigned an essay that has to be written about a certain group of people that I discriminate against. I can’t think of a good one that will be somewhat easy to write about. I need ideas ASAP!
(Dont reply back with smart.*** remarks. Its annoying and pointless.)

People have been discriminated against for many reasons. Although the following is not a complete list, it might give you ideas to help with your essay:

– weight (stereotypes about overweight people, etc)

– short people (sometimes unfairly overlooked for romantic dates, promotions at work, etc)

– middle-aged people (assumed to be out of touch with technology, etc)

– the elderly (treated disrespectfully; not revered but rather shunned; considered burdensome, etc)

– gender (there is still salary discrimination; the irrational expectation that males shouldn’t cry; the assumption that all female supervisors are nasty; etc)

– locality (certain neighborhoods and districts have exaggeratedly bad reputations, etc)

– teens (it is assumed that most are flightly, that they all use drugs, etc)

– blue-collar workers, such as construction workers, truck drivers, etc (some people assume they are under-educated, low class, not marriage-worthy, etc)

– people who own cats (some people assume they are eccentric, sloppy, peculiar, etc)

– people who live in remote rural areas (labeled “rednecks”; the source of insulting jokes, assumed to have low intellect, judged by their educational level while little acknowledgment is made about the years of experience and knowledge which they’ve acquired in their own particular fields, etc)

– students who attend public schools (it’s assumed that their education is inferior to that offered in private schools and charter schools, etc)

– employees who have no children (it’s unfairly and inaccurately assumed that such people can be imposed upon with little if any prior notice; that they have nothing else to do with their time; etc)

– poor people (it is assumed they are not educated; that they are not trying hard enough to make a better life for themselves; that they “choose” to be poor; etc)

– the endless variations of insults and instances of bigotry aimed at dark-skinned people, Asian people, Jews, homosexuals, etc

Hope this helps.