What would make a good conclusion paragraph for my essay?

What would make a good conclusion paragraph for my essay?
In English we are writing an essay on any person in the world we would want to have a conversation with. I chose Hayley Williams from Paramore. I need help on what I could include in my concluding paragraph. Oh and the body paragraphs contain why I chose her and what I would ask her during our conversation. Much thanks!

Any conclusion paragraph only serves to summarize the body of an essay, emphasize certain points and to make final conclusions, if any. You already have the workload done, we just need to encapsulate the essence of the essay and put a period on it.

So for you we would start with something like…… I was glad I chose hayley after realizing the many conversation topics I would have with here especially concerning paramore and whether she really did like brownies with ice cream or not. From the conversation from my perspective I can see that I would find out many interesting things and I would like to think she prefers brownies over bananas and ice cream but that remains to be seen. etc etc …. and one day I hope I have the opportunity to have this conversation but until then I can only imagine the discourse we would have.

(Ps I have no idea who this person is or if they are even alive as I am just throwing out a rough example) So you have the ideas there, just paraphrase it, wrap it up, make a point or two of the entire gist of the idea of the essay and end it. That’s it and it’s easier than you think since you already have the info in front of you.