What would make a good ‘global warming/climate change’ essay?

What would make a good ‘global warming/climate change’ essay?
It’s 900 words, and we’ve been just told to do an essay on global warming/climate change.

Any other ideas apart from what they are?

Just for verifaction:)


pros and cons which in this case would be AGW and those that think AGW is a lie. maybe with an alternative theory. what do the pulbic think about this? how many believe in AGW.

how to solve the problem, renewable energy, costs. are we willing to make changes (maybe with a survey). the international side of things such as America blocking progress, Kyoto, the successor to Kyoto, should devolved countries take most of the blame because they caused most of the problem, should we expect third world countries to make as large cuts as devolped countries.

the science behind global warming. the greenhouse effect and the enhanced greenhouse effect. (if you need some help with this i can give you a hand)

what global warming will mean for vulnerable ecosystems such as rainforest reefs and tundra. any other impacts such as drought and desertification, how will this impact humans.