What would u do if…?

What would u do if…?
u had the power of invisibility what wuld u do.? tell me illegal and not illegal things u would do ..I need ideas for a essay ..thaaaaankz :3

To be honest crime would be my first idea.. As being invisible is one of your more sinister superpowers. It would depend on the person aswell a bad person will enrich there lives through foulplay and a good person would try to use it for good but it is more of an evil super power as it is very deceitful and therefore would be able to accomplish more bad things than good.

1. Petty Crimes (NO one should get hurt)
2. Steal from bad people.
3. Scare people with amazing floating objects (Thats a magic show racket)

But the best thing would to fart in an elevator and watch everyone blame everyone else. HAHA