What would you consider to be a good SAT score on the new SAT?

What would you consider to be a good SAT score on the new SAT?

It really depends on what tier of colleges you are looking at and your profolio, GPA/class rank/extra-curricular acitivities/relatives went to the colleges you choose/diversity (race, and where you live)/and a lot more.

SAT score is not the only factor; however, it is pretty reliable factor when admission is considered. I will suggest you get higher than national average, which is about 550 each, across three sections. Remember, the essay in the Writing Section will be considered and reviewed by the admission counselor from the next year on.

Check out your guidance counselor, he/she, should have great information that you cannot imagine. If you don’t have a good working relationship with counselor, build it up. They are the person who writes you a recommendation if is required, most colleges ask for it. They are also the person can recommend you for scholarships.

In addition, check out some high school website. Most of school post “College Planning Guide” on line. There are a lot of information. Last but not the least, talk to your guidance counselor.