What would you like to ask?how do i start off a essay about my favorite or least favorite holiday ?

What would you like to ask?how do i start off a essay about my favorite or least favorite holiday ?
I have no clue how to start it off or turn it into a 5 paragraphs essay please help!

The reason teachers make you write essays are so you can learn the writing process. You need 5 paragraphs so try a brainstorming graphic organizer. I have an example of what I’m talking about below. Don’t be discouraged by the age group it is intended for, I know that these learning strategies are used from 1st or 2nd grade through college.

1. Take your topic and place it in the center of the page
* your topic is “My Favorite Holiday” or “My Least Favorite Holiday”
2. Next, think of 3 or 4 reasons why you like,or hate that holiday and place those reasons in the next set of circles.
3. Your first paragraph should be an introduction. It should start off with a statement such as…
– My favorite (least favorite) holiday is _______ because of (insert the the 3 reasons you have for liking or disliking the holiday in this spot). Then write a sentence or two on each reason for liking or disliking the holiday.
4. Each paragraph after the introductory paragraph will only be concerned with one reason why you like or dislike a holiday. Do not put multiple reasons in the same paragraph. You will need to need to expand these ideas by talking about how that reason makes you feel, or why feel that way about this reason.
5. The final paragraph should be your conclusion paragraph that explains why your reasons for liking or dis-liking that particular holiday is relevant. Talk about how these reasons make you feel during that time, how those reasons have influenced each other to make this holiday feel the way it feels for you, and then write a sentence that reinforces why you feel the way you feel about this holiday.

This basic format can be used for almost any essay paper you ever have to write.

Good Luck on your paper and I hope I’ve helped rather than confused you. Anymore questions just ask.

EDIT: You may hate writing papers because you’ve never been shown how to properly brainstorm or write an effective essay. Look up graphic organizers online. They really help me write.