What would you like to have in your ideal school?

What would you like to have in your ideal school?
you can give thoughts on what sort of infrastructure you want to have or what sort of technology you want your ideal school to have and etc.

i would make it very interactive and hands on no writing essays and assignements and all this kinda stuff. There would be alot of excursions to interesting places and the kids would be as active as much as possible, there would be some quite time of course but i think kids would learn better if they became more involved in learning rather than sitting and writing down everything the teacher writes on the black board or says- then there would be say an hour or two before home time where the kids can just chill and play educational board games or do art or something creative and fun that way they aren’t as stressed when they get home after a long day of school- gee i wish i went to my dream school when i was younger!!