whats a down side to seeing the future? more than one please?

whats a down side to seeing the future? more than one please?
i need to write a 300 word essay on why i would not want to see the future, and i need 3 reasons why. *Example: Although there are many perks of being shown the future, there are many disadvantages, which to me over power the advantages. Some of these problems include the lose of surprise from not just your future, but your friends and families future as well. If you remember everything your friends and family have encountered, good or bad, there will be no shock for yourself*

Okay, downside to seeing the future.

1. If you can see the future, it may not always be clear what is the cause of something major happening, because the things leading up to it haven’t happened yet, so you wouldn’t be able to change the major thing. Example: A new nerve toxin is released, killing hundreds of thousands, but you cannot do anything because the toxin does not exist yet.

2. You would always feel like there is someone you have to save or something you have to fix to make the future better. You would lose touch of the life you have now trying to fix the lives of others due to things yet to come.

3. You couldn’t tell people because: 1. They would think you were lying and stop trusting you. 2. They would think you actually believed what you said, meaning you were crazy and have you hospitalized, which does no one any good. 3. They would believe you and always want to know what was going to happen in the future. (Will I marry him/her? Will I have a long life? How will I die?)

4. You would be withdrawn and have a difficult time making friends because if you met a new person, got to like and trust them, then had a vision of them lying to you or dying, then you might not even bother trying to save the friendship, which could alter not only your future, but theirs as well, and maybe even cause bad things to happen.

Overall, if I had a superpower, it would not be seeing the future.