What’s a good essay title?

What’s a good essay title?
This is the introduction to my essay and I need a good title; my theme is individual versus society.

When placed into a society, humans face a number of obstacles. Society has created a majority stereotype for different individuals and expects them to live up to it, and when they do not: they are not recognized as part of said society. As exemplified in Earnest Hemingway’s “Indian Camp”, as well as Eudora Welty’s “A Worn Path”, we are able to directly witness the theme of individual versus society through the protagonist’s inner battle with society. This essay will explore the impact society has on a person’s actions, how social status effects one’s life directly, and indirectly, and a comparison of social identities between both short stories. Furthermore, I hope to prove these ideas through tentative analysis of each protagonist in “Indian Camp”, and “A Worn Path”.

You overused “society” in that intro
-general public
-social order
-among people
-the public
-among citizens
-populace (yes thats a word)

as for the title, try something like

individuals in a society
social status
integration of individuals

what is your thesis? try to make your point a little clearer, what are you trying to prove?

also, a theme isnt something like “individuals vs society”….thats a topic. A theme in particular has more wording in it, its a general truth about life, and is usually in the form of 1 or 2 sentences.
for example:
“Human beings are forever seeking a way to fulfill some missing aspect in themselves.”
That’s a theme.

those are not themes.

I think you’ve confused it with “Topic”.

Also, remember a theme isnt a “moral” either. Morals go like this: dont judge a book by its cover.
its like those common sayings.

whereas a THEME is more or less what the author is trying to get across to the reader.

Therefore, make your thesis statement clearer and declutterise with the using “society every sentence”.

goodluck 🙂