what’s a good title for a literary analysis?

what’s a good title for a literary analysis?
I have to write a literary analysis on “the most dangerous game” by richard connell and i can’t think of a good title. my paper is on how setting affects the reader’s point of view. here’s my introduction so you can have a good idea of what i need:

Is it reasonable to believe that setting can determine whether a story is viewed as dark and dreary or happy and pleasant? In “The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell setting is perceived through imagery, figurative language, and diction. These three things can greatly influence the way that the reader looks at the story. For example, Edgar Allan Poe often had twisted, and occasionally disturbing settings. Looking back at when a reader first reads Poe’s stories it will be found that those settings can really decide whether the story has an enjoyable nature to it or not. This evidence proves that setting plays an extremely important role in the mood and tone of a story.


You could title your piece “Short Story Setting as a Literary Technique.”

But I have a couple more suggestions for you. It is considered a no-no to open your essay with a question. Make statements! Also, though you are writing about the Connell story, your intro deals mainly with Poe. Why is this? If you are going to write only about your story, strip out all but a brief mention of Poe. Your intro is very wordy. When you edit, get rid of every word that doesn’t truly serve a purpose.

Best wishes!