What’s a good title for this essay?

What’s a good title for this essay?
I’m writing an essay about how college is a necessity in todays world. I need a title though, any suggestions?

College as a Place to Find Out Who You Are
There are some general problems that a person tries to solve for many years, maybe for the whole life. Who we are? Why are we living here? What is our mission in life? What is our place in the society? Each person has different preferences, demands and opportunities, which is why the answers to these questions differ greatly. Moreover, there are such moments in our life, when our own answers change, and one of them is college.

College is one of intermediate stages between your adolescence and maturity. People often leave their homes at this stage and start to live independently. They understand what life is and start to seek for the right place in it. Before they could ask their parents for help, as they were always around them. Now it is high time to make strong and independent decisions. They become fully responsible for their actions and that is one of the most important stages.