What’s a good way to start a college essay?

What’s a good way to start a college essay?
I want to talk about my life & the things I went through.
I had a lot of family problems which lead to depression and such.
How can I make it sound like a success story? I’m afraid it will be too negative though.

well what type of essay is it… narrative, persuasive, research, etc.

i’m assuming it is a narrative but that’s just my guess. You can start off with a quote that you said or that someone else said that is inspiring to you and has to do with the topic, or you can start off with a flashback from that event. My suggestion… don’t tell your whole life story. I know you probably have lots to tell, but focus on a primary subject and a lesson you learned or that is what made you the person you are today… along those lines. Make sure it leads to somewhere instead of a story and make sure if other people read this they can benefit… ask yourself after you are done writing, Can other people relate? Is their a lesson learned here? Does my writing actually get somewhere and is their substance? then it would be a wonderful paper.

not every story is just happy, but make sure the reader can understand where you are coming from.

good luck.