What’s a thesis statement?

What’s a thesis statement?
I just need a straight forward defintion of a thesis statement. I have to do a dbq but i dont even know what it means..please help!!

A thesis statement is basically “what you’re saying” with the essay… it goes at the end of the introduction…

For example:
Introduction of the “problem” or “situation” comes first, then introduction of the topic (your solution to the problem/situation) THEN your thesis statement…

The thesis statement is you declaring that your idea will work.

If your topic was improving everyone’s grades in school, here is an example thesis statement:
If students were interested in their classes, their grades would improve.

Make sense? The problem would be how low people’s grades are, the solution would be to make classes more interesting… the thesis statement connects the problem and the solution, then the body of the essay tells you why it works.