What’s my chance at Penn? and tips for interviews? ?

What’s my chance at Penn? and tips for interviews? ?
So my credentials are pretty low compared to the standards of UPenn.
SAT: 1870
GPA: 3.88 weighted.
EC: 1 club.

I thought I had a slim to none chance at Penn but I’ve received an email for an interview appointment. Does this mean my chances aren’t as low as I thought? Any tips for the interview?

Your SAT score is low for Penn. So is your GPA. However, they aren’t so low that you will be rejected out-of-hand. Getting an interview is a good sign, but certainly no guarantee that you will get in (I speak from experience — I had an interview at Penn but was not accepted). My guess is that you must have had a great essay.

This is an opportunity for you. Dress well, be polite — but show your personality. Don’t forget that you are interviewing them, too — so have questions prepared. Search the Internet for typical questions. Don’t forget that when they ask you why you want to go to Penn, they are interested in what you bring to them — not in what they can do for you.