Whats the best way to start a persuasive essay?

Whats the best way to start a persuasive essay?
I am trying to get into a photojournalism class for next year at my school. I have to write a persuasive essay on why I should be in the class but i have NO IDEA how to start it. i was it it to be really interesting. Please help!!

For the introduction of the essay (the first paragraph), start out with a quote from the book thats exciting or fun, somethign that would make someone want to read that book. That is the best way to start out the paragraph.

From there you want to tie the quote to the reasons you think someone should read the book. highlight all your main reasons in the first paragraph in the order you want to talk about them later on. Your introduction is going to be the basis of the rest of your paper you can from there just go from the intro and one by one and explain each point.