Whats the difference between SATs and ACTs?

Whats the difference between SATs and ACTs?
Ok i know thats the SATs is where the colleges look at to see if u are good enough for there school, but i never really knew alot bout the ACTs, in fact I don t know nothing about the ACTs. Can someone tell me what is the difference and i know I have to take the SATs if i want to go to a good college, but do I have to take the ACTs too. I don t know what to do. I m going to either major in Phycologist or in Artitechial Engineer. I hope this helps

Some colleges require ACT scores, and there are some colleges that don’t require ACT. Check the admissions requirements for the colleges that you are applying for. If it says that ACT scores are required for enrollment, then you should take the test.

The differences are:

• The ACT tend to be easier than the SAT. It’s not as hard as the SAT.

• The ACT covers Math, Science, English, and Reading.

• The ACT has an optional writing section. You don’t have to write an essay; it’s not required. You can click on the link for more info:…

• The ACT has more questions than the SAT.

• ACT scores range from 1- 36.