What’s the diffrerence between the SAT and ACT?

What’s the diffrerence between the SAT and ACT?
Also, which one is better to take.

SAT is required for admission by most US colleges and is often to award scolorships and grants. The test is 3hrs and 45 minutes long(we know….practically a marathon) and comprised of three sections — Critical Reading, Math, and Writing. An unscored 25 minute Experimental section is thrown into the mix as well. The individual sections are scored on a scale from 200 – 800. with a maximum score of 2400.

Critical Reading 70 minutes Reading Comprehension
Sentence Completion
Short reading Passages

Math 70 minutes Basic Algebra
Algebra 1
Algebra 2

Writing 60 minutes Grammar
Persuasive essay

There IS penalty for wrong answers in SAT.

The ACT is used by virtually all US colleges as an admissions requirement and to award scolorships. The test is approximately 3hrs long and is comprised of 4 sections: English, Math, Reading, and Science Reasoning (add a half hour if you plan on taking the optional essay at the end of the test). These sections are scored on a scale of 1-36, and then divided by the number of sections taken to arrive at a composite overall score of 1-36.

English 45 minutes Sentence Structure
Grammar Usage
Rhetorical Skills

Math 60 minutes Arithmetic, Algebra
Geometry, Trigonometry

Reading 35 minutes Passages based on Prose
Fiction, Social Science,
Humanities, Natural Sciences

Science 35 minutes Charts and Graphs, Experiments
Conflicting Viewpoints

Optional Essay 30 minutes Persuasive Essay

There is NO penaltly for wrong answers in ACT.

Personally, I think both are very useful. If you are really very good at English then I would recommend you to take the SAT because it has more weightage for English. If you are interested in Math and Sciences then I suggest you to take ACT. Both the tests are equally important. It depends on your interest and your ambition. Some students take both the tests and show their best score to the colleges. Both the tests can be taken how many ever times you want. The following url is the score comparison between the two tests. You may want to refer through it.…

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