Whats your opinion on the HSC?

Whats your opinion on the HSC?
I mean, I don’t know … It tests you on the things you have learnt since year 11 through to year 12, however, it does add in a little bit of knowledge from years 8 through to year 10 [got that fact from the board of studies]. Then you’ve got the whole ATAR things and the scaling etc … I don’t think its a very reliable system. Whats your opinion?

Most of the things you learn in Year 11 are totally irrelevant towards the HSC, actually. It basically provides you with the foundations of knowledge for a subject –– how to write a proficient essay, learning legalese for Legal Studies or the basics terminology for language subjects.

Also, the things you learn in Years 7––10 are pretty irrelevant too. They raise some basic points in Senior Science and maths, but that’s about it. Nothing I learned from my junior years in high school, was ever needed for the HSC. It was garbage.

The HSC is basically an sensationalised, over-exaggerated exam that puts additional stress on students because of the hype that’s created for it. Sure it’s pretty determinate of what university you go to, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the be all and end all. I graduated last year with a fairly sh*t ATAR and I go to UNSW now. It’s ridiculously overdramatised.

It’s one of the flawed systems that Australia’s government cannot be bothered to correct. Instead, it’s got this pivotal focus on that f*cking carbon tax and a very traditionalist security focus, because of these bullsh*t threats to security, which are nigh unlikely to occur. Gillard is a moron and I am so glad that I never have to go through the HSC ever again. Because it was quite possibly the most horrible period of my life.