When writing a 5 paragraph essay…?

When writing a 5 paragraph essay…?
How many sentences are in the introduction paragraph (the first one)?

How many in the body (the middle)?

And how many in the conclusion paragraph (the last one)?

I always thought in a 5 paragraph essay, it was 3 sentences in the intro, 5 sentences in each body paragraph, and then 3 more sentences in the conclusion paragraph. Can someone please help? I have a 5 paragraph essay due tomorrow.. and its past my bedtime. :/

depending on the teacher… everything is different

Intro: Opening sentence, then a sentence corresponding to your first paragraph, then a sentence corresponding to your second paragraph, and so on. Then you want to end with your thesis. (# of sentences depends on number of paragraphs)

Each body paragraph should be at least 5 sentences, opening, 3 facts, then closing. the ending sentence should try to tie in with the next paragraph.

Closing: You want to first restate your thesis, and then just sum up the main points in your essay. Probably around 4-5 sent.

Hope you understand that…. and i hope it helps