When writing a cause and effect essay, is it right to place the causes first, and why?

When writing a cause and effect essay, is it right to place the causes first, and why?
I just need a couple of reasons.

it depends. You can write it either or depending on what you’re trying to do.

Cause to effect i find, is a good organizational strategy for when i want to explain things. It also works great if i want to emphasize my essays on the effects.

Take the topic of divorce for example. If i do a cause to effect, I can spnd a good page or two about the cause, but my main focus will be the effects of the divorce, which can be 2 to 3pages.

An effec to cause organization i find, wrks if i want to emphasize the cause. It also allows for me to offer a solutin more easily.

The use of divorce again: I can talk of the effects first, and then transition into the cause, paying more time into that, and offers reasons and slutions to how to prevet divorce.

Either way, there is no set or right way on how to write a cause to effect essay. UNLESS your teacher/professor has otherwise specified it. Otherwise, play around with the ideas. You can either switch on and off paragraph between cause and effect or write all your causes first and then your effects, or the othr way aound. The imporant thing though, is to make sure it flows and trasitions well between your paragraphs and also when you switch to cause or effect.

and using ‘mhmm’ example : “we changed the channel by hand” and later “because we lost the remote” ..(effect to cause) you can indeed write it like that. Why did you chnge the channel by hand? Becauseyou lost the remote. Likewise, if it was reversed: We lost the remote, so we changed the channel by hand. (cause to effect) You did not change the meaning so how is it wrong?

Hope this helps^^