when writing an essay for a scholarship how should i start ?

when writing an essay for a scholarship how should i start ?
They gave me the topic to write about. It is “If you could make one scientific discovery in your lifetime what would it be? why?”
I dont know if i should start with “If i could make one scientific discovery it would be…because…” OR “One scientific discovery i would love to make is…because…” ??? HELP HELP HELP!!!!!

these will help; just look in the essay section. they give great examples and help a lot.

i posted all of these links so you can find what ever you need for your education/scholarships.

i know its a lot, but take your time. its work, but well worth it.

try to aim for grants/scholarships more… they are not to be paid back. its confusing sometimes, but just keep applying.

every big (and small) company you see (manufacturer, orgs, corps and groups also) all have grants and scholarships they hand out like candy. Walmart, Kmart, Target, Coke, computer companies etc etc etc

heres a link with a HUGE amount of some available. some you will need to copy and paste into a new window. also, fastweb (take the time to fill it in) will search databases and get back to you with a list of scholarships you qualify for.

Also contact all mens, womens associations in your state, they almost always have grants & scholarships. What ever field you are going into, contact the orgs, associations etc for them; Also check with professional organizations related to your career interests, such as the American Bar Association or the American Medical Association. they also always have scholarships. Research and dig, call then write. Its all worth it.

OVER apply; it doesnt hurt to have too many, and the extra funds can help with housing.…



United Negro College Fund Home Page <-do search for ‘scholarships’ BECOMING A TEACHER DEPENDENCY or NOT LOAN FORGIVENESS (nurses/teachers) STATUS of your student gov loan or aid: if you don’t have a PIN yet (for your loan / aid status) apply for one: ESSAY HELP GRANT SCHOLARSHIP SCAM LIST (if you find a scam report it here too) LOANS GRAD LOANS DEFAULTED STUDENT LOANS CONSOLIDATE LOANS RATE MY PROFESSORS