Where are good articles on junk science?

Where are good articles on junk science?
I Have To Do An Essay On Junk Science && Explain Why A Certain Product, Medicine, Or Service Is Junk Science.

Junk Science
There is No Global Warming – Baloney Junk
What led me to this decision based on Baloney Detection Method, the person writing this article did not list who they are, whether or not they have a degree in the matter that they are speaking of, nor do they list who or what company is sponsoring them. No reliable sources are listed in case the reader wants to verify any of the information is to be true.
The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus – Baloney junk
Although this article list who are the writers of this article, it does not give any information if either student has received a degree in the information that they are discussing. It does not include what company or organization that is supporting the author. The sources that they listed are not credible. The article does not state whether. Read more information here: