where can i find a 500 word essay on fredrick douglass?

where can i find a 500 word essay on fredrick douglass?

What you are suggesting (finding a paper and turning it in as your own) is plagiarism, and it is a violation of academic integrity. This particular form of plagiarism, if caught, could result in you receiving an F on the essay, in the class, or being expelled from school, depending on several things (your school’s policies, how seriously the instructor interprets your intentions, and your previous academic record, both in this class and in school in general).

Do not cheat! Do some research and write it yourself. Writing will only get easier if you DO IT, not if you cheat yourself out of the opportunity to learn. (You don’t get better at basketball, painting, or any other skill by NOT doing it, do you?)

I’m a university-level composition instructor. If you want, you can email me your essay and I’ll proofread it for you before you turn it in. Or find a friend who’s good at writing and have him or her look over your essay before turning it in. To impress your teacher, finish the essay at least two days early, and make an appointment to go over it with your teacher. Don’t give up, though. Writing is a skill like any other and can be improved upon with practice.