Where can i get an online paid job as freelance writer?

Where can i get an online paid job as freelance writer?
Me and my sis (teenagers) are searching for online paid jobs – Academic Writing during vacations..
please help us to suggest a good website where we can earn money easily by writing articles or essays.

Well, if you’re teenagers then sites like Odesk and won’t be any use. There, you have to bid for jobs and most people definitely won’t pick kids. I (being a teen myself) have different sites I contribute to.

If you like writing short stories, then try doing a search on; they have filters which allow you to set how much you want to get paid and etc. A really amazing site that I use a lot.

I use for writing articles. Teens can use it, and you can implement Google Adsense, Amazon Affiliates and Chitika to make you money. Infobarrel is the article writing site which lets you keep more of your revenue when compared to others like Squidoo and Hubpages. Because it is a relatively new site, there is less competition, therefore more things you can write about. As it becomes more popular, your traffic will increase and so will your money.

But please, if you end up using Infobarrel, please use my referral link It will mean so much to me, since I am trying to make money myself (and you must know how that feels, searching for online paid jobs ;)). My referral link:…