Where did the theory come from that Jews control the media?

Where did the theory come from that Jews control the media?
I have heard some people saying that Jews control the media – what I want to know is what media exactly? And where did this ludicrous statement come from?

Bigotry at Jews has deep roots in conspiracy theory formation. So “controlling the media” is an extension of the past patterns. The direction source is the FAKE book “Protocol of the Elders of Zion” commissioned by the Czar of Russia to generate hate at Jews to distract uneducated Russia peasants from his terrible rulership.

It claims Jews have some secret council of elders that are plotting to take over the world. The Nazis just loved this book! (Project by abusers at it’s height.) In fact the authors admitted it was a hoax & then the plot was found in a prior French book that doesn’t mention Jews, so it was proven a fraud.

More specifics:…

The book claims Jews control money, media, government, & anyone & everything. (At less than 1/2 percent of the world’s population.) Then it claims they are greedy, expansionist, conniving, superhumanly clever at manipulation & taking over. Nowadays many people know Jews & know how ridiculous this is, so antisemites claim it’s true but Jews don’t know about this secret goal of their religion. Hows that for lack of logic? We have evil plans but don’t know about them.

Sadly the book is a best seller in parts of the Middle East as truth. It helps fuel the political goals of dominating the whole middle east by some. So they spread it to others as truth, & then it takes on a life of it’s own even with people who didn’t start out with those thoughts or hatreds.

The idea of conspiracy theories & Jews goes way back:
~ “Jews conspired to kill Jesus.” To boot, they were superhumanly powerful enough to kill a God in some’s eyes.
~ “Jews killed Christians in black plague” because less Jews were dying. In fact jews were burying their dead & Christians were throwing them down their wells, hence the difference death rates.
~ “Jews do this blood libel thing.”
~ “Talmud in Aramaic must have horrible secrets” & many rumors appeared when the book was first noticed.
~ Martin Luther’s book “Jews & his Lies” covers this sense about Jews well as it describes how to Holocaust them.
~ Jews ruined the world by bringing capitalism.
~ Jews ruined the world by bringing socialism & communism. (Anti-Jewish rhetoric often contradicts itself. So does the “Jews are hopeless wimps contradict with superpowerful connivers.)
~ The list can continue a long time…

Jews were on the outskirts of accepted society in the US & couple went out to Hollywood & started the movie industry. That has little relationship to the current TV industry & who controls what in it, many decades later. However, it’s used as the excuse to make a specific stereotype of hate at Jews by those who want to. On media, there isn’t any direct source. Just natural outcome…

All that ignores that even if something were 100% made of French, that wouldn’t mean French are actively conspiring to control it. Or that they agree with each other very much. Jews often don’t agree with each other so “conspiring to control” in media is very strange to anyone who’s read the incredible breath of opinions in Israeli media.

On the spread in the Middle East, I’ve been told by quite a few Muslims in YA seriously that Jews control the media. In general this history … is how people like Walt & Meirshamer (what’s his name?) get away with their libels at the Jewish community, that are hyperbole to the extreme about the Israel lobby “controlling america’s agenda.” Anyone involved in Israel knows there are many internal jewish organizations & lots of infighting about what would be the best policies for Israel to have. Also, support for Israel came as a reaction to trouble establishing connections to Muslim countries & rulerships during the cold war with Russia in the region.