Which colleges will I be able to get into?

Which colleges will I be able to get into?
So, now that all of my applications are in, I was wondering what people think my chances are at the schools I applied to. The schools I applied to are:

1.Amherst College
2.SUNY Binghamton
3.Boston University
5.Carnegie Mellon
8.SUNY Geneseo
9.Johns Hopkins
12.SUNY Stony Brook

Yes I know, long list… Amherst and Yale were basically to please my insane dad who thinks I can get in anywhere, they’re, as far as I’m concerned, huge huge reaches.

My Stats:
92 GPA unweighted
Rank in Class: 25
SAT scores: 2130 (750 critical reading, 690 on both math and writing)
ACT: 33 composite (33 math and english, 35 reading, 30 science)
Accelerated Classes:
Honors- English 9H, English 10H, English 11H, Biology 9H, Chemistry 10H, Global History 9H
AP- European History, U.S. History, Calculus BC, English Literature
IB- Mathematics SL, Physics SL, Psychology SL, History of the Americas HL, Biology HL

Extracurriculars: Soccer 9th and 10th grade, Newspaper Club Editor, part of the school peer mediator program (basically, the students in my grade picked a few people who they felt would best help solve conflicts, and I was one of them… we do annual clinics and occasionally have like counseling type things), uhh… thats about it in terms of clubs/sports

Community Service: mostly through my church and some through my town’s chamber of commerce, about 80 hours in total

Work Experience: I’ve worked since freshman year, averaging 20-30 hrs a week depending on if it was summer of during school. I worked in a restaurant until summer of 2008, when it closed, then worked on a farm until it closed for the winter, usually 15-20 hrs a week.

Recommendations: Of course I’m not really sure how they turned out, but from what I can surmise they were really good recommendations, from my math teacher (I had IB math with him last yr and now Calc) and an english teacher i had in 9th and 11th grade. My counselor doesnt seem to know anybody, but I take the most rigorous courses I can short of the IB diploma and she seems to like me, so I think I got a good recommendation from her as well.

Application Essay: I put so many hours into this damn thing, and I think its pretty amazing, to be honest.

So yeah, there’s me in a nutshell. What are my chances at these schools? I’ve been applying primarily to engineering schools at each university. As of now, my #1 is Tufts. Thanks so much in advance!!

are you a fellow NYer? *rochester!!! =D*

i didn’t go through all your credentials, tbh. [that’s why i’m not an admissions counselor! lol] but reading through part of it, i’d say most of the schools on here, are safetys. all of the SUNYs you’re set for [but you knew that, i’m sure!] the polytechnics you should be fine with as well [i’ve heard excellent things about RPI] BU, you’re in. it’s huge enough, and you’re good enough. northeastern as well. bucknell and carnegie mellon you should be fine with, [although carnegie mellon is like, insane math school. dad grew up in pittsburgh and wanted me to go to school at carnegie mellon…until i scored a 20 on the math section of my ACT. lol.] johns hopkins, tbh, i don’t know much about. Honestly, I think you should be fine getting into cornell, even, and while i’m not sure *exactly* how good duke is (yes, they’re amazing, but HOW amazing) cornell was like, 25% acceptance rate last year…dukes is higher or lower??? if duke is near cornell, you should be okay there, too.

amherst+yale, it’s up in the air. although your massive amount of AP and IB programs are impressive. and everything else. you’re going to bring a lot to any college. so good luck. remember, different colleges are looking for different things, so you never really *know*, thus, the only thing to do is wait.

=) extra extra good luck!!!1