which hints do you guys suggest to write a good essay?

which hints do you guys suggest to write a good essay?
how to?

OK, I usually get good grades with essays, and this is the format I follow.

Paragraph 1:

-(1-3 sentences) Background Information. Write as if you’re reader doesn’t know anything about your topic.

-(1 sentence) Thesis. This is where your essay revolves. This is your answer to the prompt or question.

My AP English teacher says your thesis should be something like this: “In {Instert literary work title here} by {Insert Author’s name here}, {Insert answer here.}

In The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, the limits of human justice are effectively shown through Edmond Dantes’ actions.

History papers are different though. It’s always good to start with “Although”. Follow this format: “Although (argument # 1), (argument #2).”

Although the people from New England and Chesapeake regions were from the same origin, they grew into two distinct societies.

Paragraphs 2, 3, and 4:

This are your supporting paragraphs.

-(1 sentence) This is your ASSERTION. You state what the PARAGRAPH is about. The THESIS states what the ESSAY is about. Don’t confuse these two with each other. These are the same for History and English essays.

The people from the Chesapeake and New England regions had different compositions.

-(2-3 Sentences) These are you supporting details. You give an evidence (from the text or document) and then explain the significance and how it relates to both the thesis and the assertion.


The people in New England traveled in families (Doc. A), while the people who traveled to the Chesapeake regions were mostly male and had a 6:1 male to female ratio (Doc. C). The difference in composition can drastically affect the lifestyle of the people in the two regions.

-(1 sentence) This is where you wrap up your paragraph. Briefly summarize the paragraph, and connect it to the thesis.

The evident difference of the composition of the people in New England and Chesapeake regions played a major part in making the two regions grow into distinct societies.

Paragraph 5:

-(1-3 sentences) You paraphrase the SUMMARIZATIONS in the different supporting paragraphs. DO NOT USE THE SAME WORDS.

-(1 Sentence) Conclusion. This is where PARAPHRASE THE THESIS. DO NOT USE THE SAME WORDS!!!


-Don’t forget to proof-read and revise…. YOU CAN NEVER REVISE TOO MUCH.

-Watch out for words like “you”, “yours”, “me”, “I”, “mine”, “my”… Unless it’s a quote.

-Explain as if you have known the topic before you were born. If not, do extensive research.

-For on-the-spot essay writing like the SAT or AP exams, pre-writing helps.

-If you’re writing in your computer, double space the essay because it looks better and easier to read. If by hand, skip a line, because of the same reason, especially if you consider your handwriting to be terrible. And it would be easy for making notes, when revising.

-Outside information is really impressive (has to be accurate) because it shows that you are extremely familiar about your topic.

-NEVER EVER (I can’t stress this enough) use phrases like “really, really” or “very, very”.

-DO NOT beat around the bush in your BODY paragraphs. Get straight to the point. Saves you time, and makes it look more direct.