Which of these is easier to write a 1000 page essay on?

Which of these is easier to write a 1000 page essay on?
Does God exist?
Do we have a soul?
Do we have free will?
What is the correct ethical theory?
How do we acquire knowledge (empiricism, rationalism, etc)?

I need to write two 1000 word essay papers for college Philosophy.

Which two should I choose and why… ?
I’m NOT an over achiever. Which are easiest?

Thank you!

LOL! First you said 1000 -page- essay. 8^P That’s scary!

I could write 1000 words on any of these. 1000 words is nothing!

Really, what would be easier to write about is up to you. Which one of these questions do you have the best comment for? Which of them have you ever thought about for yourself? I mean for which of them do you really have something to say?

Pick three or four of the topics. Sit down with a pencil and pad and just think about them for a few minutes, toss them around in your mind. Write down the points you’d want to make. You don’t have to put them in the form of an outline, just write down the points, like a ‘brainstorming’ session. One or another of them will generate a lot more points than the others, and that’s the one you want to write about. A 1000 word paper doesn’t need more than 2 or 3 good main points!