Which one is better laptop or ipad?

Which one is better laptop or ipad?
i want to be able to write my essays and do my school work but i dont know which one is better. how much does a laptop cost usually? do i have to pay to download work document on a laptop? does an ipad have word document

Essay’s can be written on either hardware. Voice dictation can be an advanced medium for an ipad and expedite a creative mind. If an English major wanted to organize creative thinking, major opportunity using voice dictation and Apple.

Laptop is better for typing. Word Document can be opened by Libra Office which is open source and free.Available for all OS. Libra Office can also create a document and be saved as a Word Document to collaborate with the majority Office user.

One advantage to MS Word is in the templates used by college’s. For example, an essay may require a particular APA format. The instructor may advise the MS template to alleviate the stress of formatting and advanced teaching. Most institutions promote this as it is beneficial financially to it.