Who can help me with an Essay question?

Who can help me with an Essay question?
I have never written this type of essay before and have been struggling with this for a few days now.
I have one topic I want to discuss, so how do I go about comparing and contrast it?
I was thinking that I would take the topic of “caring” and then compare of contrast it with the eyes of two different theorists.
Is this right?
Thanks ( :


I have been teaching English at the university level for 14 years, and although I don’t know you, based on my experience, an essay comparing two different theorists (at your writing level) runs the very real risk of being a cut-and-paste job that will have your teacher reaching for the No-Doze.

You really should choose two things to compare/contrast that you know and, pardon the pun, care about. For example, compare and contrast how an infant family member is cared for versus an elderly family member, or the care of your pet versus your friend’s care of his/her pet. Not the best examples, not knowing anything about you, but you should get the drift.

In a 5-paragraph comparison/contrast essay, you need to focus on three points, but you really need to focus on choosing interesting and unusual points, NOT the same old points/cliches that everyone has used in essays before you. This approach will be hard to achieve if you select an impersonal topic

You need to make the reader want to read your essay. To do this you need to pick an interesting topic, give fresh insight, and write about it in an engaging way. Comparing theorists isn’t the way to go.